Who Am I?

An 19 year old dude looking to change the world by writing one post at a time.

My name is Ryan Speert. I haven't experienced much in life, but I'm here for the ride. I consider myself a pretty quirky individual who has a strong opinion on a lot of different topics. Born and raised in a Los Angeles suburb, I have been brought up by my two parents alongside my brother. I attended a pretty distinguished high school and I'm currently studying English at the University of Kansas.

I need to write.

The art of writing is beautiful. It's the best way to let out your emotions, pass stories along, and escape to fantastic worlds that you create with your imagination.

I really haven't experienced a lot in my life yet, but I hope that you will join me in all of my 'ups and downs' and maybe find my posts to be nostalgic, informative, or overall just refreshing.

On this blog I'll include rants, poetry, and stories that I have created due to my experiences in my life. I hope you will enjoy!